Tuppence A Bag

If you like any of the short posts that include my inspirational quotes and have thought to yourself how great one of those photographs would look hanging in your office, home or as gift for someone special then you are in luck.

All of the inspirational photographs of enlightenment are for sale with the quotes* on them or without.

When placing your order please reference the inventory number. You can find the inventory number just before the rewritten quote beneath the photograph.

Each photograph is sold at a minimum size of 5×7 and can be enlarged up to 16×20.

The 5×7 photograph size is a minimum of 2 photographs per print. Each 2 photograph print is priced at $35.00.

Each 8×10 photograph $35.00.

Each 11×14 photograph $85.00 and mounted on foam board.

Each 16×20 photograph $110.00 and mounted on foam board.

You can request a special print finish on the 11×14 and 16×20 sizes only. Call or write for details.

* Please specify if you would like the photograph with or without the quote shown or if you have your own quote you would like printed on the photograph or you can choose from any quote you have seen on another photograph.

lisa@journeyoncoaching.com or 203-560-3061

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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