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Journey On Coaching Services has clients from all over the world. Here are testimonials from clients that have great things to say about their journey with us. In most cases clients have returned throughout their career and been part of other group discussions using their coaching successes to help and inspire others.

“My experience with Lisa has been fantastic. I’ve made huge strides in developing my business, much more than I could ever have done without her help. I tackled some personal issues that were holding me back and it has helped me feel much more empowered toward my personal and business successes.”

“I liked the consistency of coaching with Lisa. Meeting once per week was a great way to keep me focused on my goals. Another thing I loved was Lisa’s unique ability to guide me towards finding the answers within myself. Before I started working with Lisa I didn’t know I possessed the knowledge and wisdom to move my dreams forward. Now I feel like I can make any dream come true, in some way, shape or form. If someone had told me I could come so far in just 3 months, I would never have believed them. This has been a wonderful experience for me.” Annie Kelleher, owner of  Crimson Cove Photography, Walpole, Massachusettes

 From Sarah, Ottawa, Ontario: Thanks again, you may have just saved a love story…today Coach Lisa you changed a life!!! If that isn’t a life coach I don’t know what is:)))

“Working with Lisa has been a wonderful experience. She is warm and genuine. Her supportive nature, flexibility to scheduling and sincerity truly make her coaching technique exemplary. Her creativity and resourcefulness was not only helpful but something to be admired. I felt like I was her priority throughout our time together. I absolutely feel that coaching is her calling.” Jason, Naples, Florida

“I have had the pleasure of witnessing Lisa’s work as a coach firsthand. She is bright, energetic, resourceful and possesses a wonderfully intuitive style. I highly recommend Lisa as a coach–with her gentle challenge and warm encouragement, she is able to help clients move forward toward realizing their goals. She is able to quickly align with her clients to help them feel genuinely heard and then she skillfully assists them in reaching new insight to create change in their lives.”  From Kimberly-Smith Martinez, Envision Your Dreams Coaching, Illinois

Lisa is the true definition of a coach!  She is an active, empathic listener and I always feel uplifted when we end our coaching calls.  Lisa is insightful, caring, energetic, enthusiastic and inspires me to go for it! I was recently dealing with many challenges in my work environment and Lisa really helped me to identify coping mechanisms for managing my own stress as well as strategies for addressing the various management issues going on.  Lisa helped me realize it was time for action and helped coach me in a positive direction.  With her help, I am in a better place and more confident in making tough decisions.  I have only positive comments to say about Lisa and Journey on Coaching personally and professionally and strongly recommend Lisa as a Professional Coach! Dana Platin, Colorado

I truly enjoyed every minute of my coaching experience with Lisa. We worked to make improvements to my family life, gain confidence in my coaching practice, and tackle new challenges as they would arise. Looking back, I find it amazing how much ground we’ve covered and how far I’ve come. Lisa really heard me, always accepted my feelings, and helped me focus all the strengths and resources I have at my disposal. I consider that a tremendous gift in her role as life coach. I can honestly say that after each session I felt lighter, more assured, and ready to take on the next challenge.

Her warmth, patience and trust combined with her phenomenal listening skills, created an instant connection and set the stage for growth. She encouraged me to explore new areas of myself that were hidden until I worked with Lisa. Observing and understanding my underlying beliefs allowed me to move past them and achieve my goals. Having Lisa be your champion is a truly powerful and energizing experience that sets the stage for real positive change. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach. –Stephanie Read, Somerville, Massachusetts

I have been coached by Lisa for over a year on a weekly or biweekly scheduled session .This by itself speaks for her skills in helping me to move through the issues that are responsible for unnecessary suffering or anxiety. .She is a highly intuitive listener, helps me define where I want to go during each session, and I leave with achievable plans. Over this period of time deeper sources of inner conflict have become evident. – Dr. Peter Himmel



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