Are you ready to be challenged?

The 30 day Challenge

              30 days         

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller, The Open Door

If anyone can be so honest in speaking words like that I can think of no one more fitting than Helen Keller. She brings to mind the words, “if she can do it, anyone can.”

Most people think of weight loss when they see words like “the 30 day challenge” but in this short video you will get a whole new perspective on what a 30 day challenge could look like. It is short I promise but it could just change your life in 3 minutes. Take a look then come back to me…..

Why take a 30 day challenge you ask? Well, why not. Maybe you would like to learn something new that you never allowed time for before this challenge? Maybe you want to try to break a habit? Maybe you just love a challenge, any challenge and so here is the preverbal gauntlet being thrown down to you. In actuality it takes as long as it takes to make or break a habit the sole motivation being that you WANT to make or break the habit.

A new month is about to begin. With October on the horizon a 30 day challenge might not be so bad because you can use day 31 for your day of rest or you can use day 31 to prove to yourself whether the challenge was worth the effort.

What have you always wanted to learn or do?

How can you use these next 30 days to your ultimate advantage toward change?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be playfully yet seriously challenged just to see if you could do it?

My challenge right now is growing my coaching business and presence. The first 30 days of my new life/career challenge was the toughest. You know what, it worked. By breaking up the enormous life/career challenge into bite size pieces like taking steps toward change in 30 days, I am able to conquer bit by bit my to do list and set benchmarks for myself. Sometimes those benchmarks are quite beautiful to see and sometimes those benchmarks are not as shiny as I would like but there is always at least one lesson learned, at least one piece to be thankful for, and at least one challenge met.

Life is a challenge just to get up in the morning sometimes. Why not make the challenge be something you want to achieve? What kind of metamorphosis could you go through in just 30 days?

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” Roger Crawford

What will your 30 day challenge be? I want to know so please write to me and you’ll get an instant cheerleader along the way.

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Coaching is a great vehicle to help navigate through those sticky tough, tumultuous times of parenting, career and life itself. All it take is a spoonful of sugar. If you would like to see how coaching can supercharge your spirit please call or write to me and let’s discover your creativity and resourcefulness in a judgment free, empowering, uplifting space. Your personal discovery awaits….


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