7 Reasons why Coaching doesn’t need no stinkin’ Insurance

No Insurance, Fantastic


7 Reasons why Coaching doesn’t need no stinkin’ Insurance

“Opportunity will always meet you exactly where you stand.” –Bryant McGill

Recently I had a discovery session with a potential new client and the all too common question came up, “Will my insurance cover our sessions?” I always feel like I slip down into a dark cavernous pit of shame when clients ask me this question. The short answer is no, coaching is not covered by insurance.

The next question invariably is why. Logically you would think that coaching is a round-about, scenic route, well-being form of therapy and it should fit into the guidelines of therapy but it doesn’t. Finding a place for coaching in the healthcare system is like navigating a mine field. There is no true road map for coaching beyond the coach becoming a certified coach. Warning: Always make sure the coach you work with is ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified.

So here is the plain text answer to why coaching is not covered by insurance…..

Think of coaching like an interior decorator. The construction of the house is in place and now we need to make the inside as beautiful and unique as the outside.

According to the ICF and Eric Harris, J.D., Ed. D and my coaching ethics instructor, “Coaching is defined as an on-going professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. Coaching is aimed at helping clients discover their goals for self-improvement, define specific action steps and strategies for reaching these goals and then enabling, empowering the client, through regular meetings with the coach to achieve these action steps and overall goals. Coaching assumes the client is the expert in his/her life and work and that he/she is a generally well-functioning person. Coaching helps maximize personal development and navigate transitions in the client’s life.”

Although coaching is a specific psychological/mental health distinction, it is not covered by health insurers. Coaching is considered a choice. Just like there is no health insurance coverage for taking a vacation or buying an outfit or getting a hair-cut that helps you feel more attractive or self-assured.

According to an article written by Deah Curry, Ph.D., CPC in 2011( www.noomii.com/blog/1928-why-your-health-insurance-wont-pay-for… )

“There are reasons why you wouldn’t want to be diagnosed with a mental disorder in order for coaching to be covered by health insurance. Despite the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) which is supposed to protect privacy of medical records, there are a number of situations in which your records can be accessed or compromised – to your detriment.”

When I signed my son up for therapy with a LMFT a year ago, he had to be diagnosed with a coping disorder by the therapist in order for his sessions to be covered by our insurance. He had an intake session and then he was labeled and then he was granted 12 one hour sessions to be broken up during the course of one year’s time. When those sessions ended there was an outtake evaluation done. Should he need to make use of a therapist again we would have to do this whole process over and now in his medical history it will say that he sought treatment for a coping disorder. The situation with my son was prompted by suggestions from his school counselors and I felt it was enough of a scare for me to go the therapy route. I was not satisfied completely by his therapy session and in the future I would definitely encourage him to seek coaching but only if he is ready to take action on his own and wants to make strides in creating more balance, a better sense of well-being. Coaching says, “When you are ready to face your inner critic, when you are ready to take control of your life transitions, when you are ready to boldly move forward toward your dreams one step at a time, one breath at a time, I will be here ready to help.”

If you work for a corporation or organization where coaching is part of their human resource offerings please consider taking advantage of this offering. Providing employees with all around mental health wellness is a terrific perk for everyone at that corporation and the results extend well into life outside of the working environment.

There are many reasons to consider coaching regardless of it not being covered by insurance.

1)      In the same vein of the credit card commercial, “Getting right with myself inside and out, priceless.”

2)      It is a fantastic gift you give to yourself that extends far and deep into every aspect of your overall well-being in life and the people in your life.

3)      What you discuss with your coach is up to you. No one fits you into a mold of time or category. Coaching can be for however long you decide. There is no one looking over your shoulder saying, “Times up.”

4)      You attach to you a lifelong cheerleader, life guide, and/or mentor unlike anyone else you have ever known.

5)      The power to take control of your life and your issues; to champion yourself is unlike anything you will ever feel again. A coach can help you not only get to that championship place but help make it permanent.

6)      Confidentiality is number one. Once trust is established be prepared to discover your greatness and all the success characteristics that naturally exist within you.

7)      A coach stands with you in the moment that you are in. Going back into your past is for therapy. Moving forward from where you are is coaching.

Are you ready for coaching?

1)      What would you like to discover, uncover, or move toward?

2)      Coaching can help you get to your most treasured dream, how would that feel?

3)      What would it take to invest in you?

soaring“You have to decide what your biggest priorities are and have the courage, pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically, say “no” to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside.”—Stephen Covey

It’s never easy to choose yourself first. But just like in an airplane when the stewardess instructs the passengers to put the oxygen mask on themselves first in order to then be able to assist others, so does coaching work from that principal. In order for you to be all that you were meant to be everything needs to start with you first, your well-being, your strengths, and your peace of mind.

If you have any questions regarding coaching please give me a call 203-560-3061 or email your questions to lisa@journeyoncoaching.com.


Lisa has been featured in Parent Magazine and in the book Stay-At-Home Mom’s Guide to Making Money by Liz Folger. Please visit her website at www.journeyoncoachingservices.com

Coaching is a great vehicle to help navigate through those sticky tough, tumultuous times of parenting, career and life itself. All it take is a spoonful of sugar. If you would like to see how coaching can supercharge your spirit please call or write to me and let’s discover your creativity and resourcefulness in a judgment free, empowering, uplifting space. Your personal discovery awaits….









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